/ This directory is called superuser home directory.It is the top of file system structure.All other directory are mounted under it.

/boot This directory contain the kernal image file.This also contain the files related to booting the system such as bootloader.

/etc It contain the whole system configuration file.

/home This is the all users home directory.

/mnt This is a generic mount point under which you mount your filesystems such as cdrom,floppy.

/proc It is not a real file system, it is a virtual file system.This directory is empty until the proc file system is mounted.

/sys Modern Linux distributions include a /sys directory as a virtual filesystem (sysfs, comparable to /proc, which is a procfs), which stores and allows modification of the devices connected to the system.

/dev This directory contain the devices nodes through which the operating system can access hardware and software devices on the system.

/bin This directory contain the command used by superuser and normal user.

/sbin This directory contain the command used by superuser only.

/lib It contain the library required for running the additional application and running the linux kernal.It also contain the library essential for binaries in /bin and /sbin.

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